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Matrix42 Competence CentER in Slovenia

Our team in Slovenia is focused on servicing our partner organisation Matrix42 and its extensive client base. We are experts in ESM & Empirum.

  • Incident, Change, Task, Problem Management

  • Asset and License Management

  • Foundation Data

  • Product Support

  • Workflow studio

  • Custom application development with or without API integrations

  • Process and Solution design

  • Heavy OOTB customisations

  • 3rd party integrations

  • Consulting and Trainings

ServiceNow Competence CentER in Bulgaria

We provide end-to-end ServiceNow consulting services:

  • Digital Transformation and Business Process Assessment

  • Solution Design, Architecture and Implementation Services

  • Managed Services & Support

  • Project and Product Management


Our team has deep knowledge in the following ServiceNow areas

  • IT Service Management

  • IT Operations Management

  • IT Business Management

  • Customer Service Management

  • Service Portal

  • Development of integrations

  • HR Service Delivery

  • Project Portfolio Management

  • Development of custom applications

  • Platform upgrades

Baramundi Partner and Reseller in South Africa

Embark on a new chapter of IT innovation with PBCS Group's latest collaboration alongside Bramundi. As a fresh addition to our network of partners and resellers, PBCS Group showcases its depth of knowledge and proficiency in the realm of IT solutions.

At PBCS Group, our primary objective is to develop customized solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our partners and clients. From thorough evaluations to seamless executions, our dedicated teams ensure prompt delivery and exceptional outcomes. Leveraging our extensive experience, we adhere to fundamental principles for success, including comprehensive evaluation, transparent governance structures, and the application of best practices tailored to each project and client's unique requirements. Trust in PBCS Group and Bramundi to navigate the complexities of IT solutions with precision and expertise, propelling your organization towards unmatched success.

Device42 Partner and Reseller in South Africa

As a proud new partner and reseller of Device 42, PBCS Group brings expertise and skills tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


At PBCS Group, we specialize in delivering personalized solutions that seamlessly align with our clients' objectives. From detailed assessments to streamlined implementation strategies, our committed teams ensure timely delivery and top-notch results. Drawing from our wealth of experience, we prioritize essential principles for success, including thorough evaluation, transparent governance structures, and the implementation of best practices customized to suit each project and client's distinct requirements. Rely on PBCS Group and Device42 to navigate the complexities of IT infrastructure with precision and expertise, driving your organization towards unparalleled achievements.

Add-On Development

Our customers regularly challenge us to provide custom solutions for their needs. Therefore, we work closely with them to understand the problems and obstacles they face and aim to provide them with the best possible solutions.

Some of the major steps we and our clients follow are:

  • Analysing the respective clients and market needs 

  • Creating a package/installation

  • Installing the package from the Matrix42, TAP.DE or ServiceNow marketplaces

  • Continuous support & customizations

Matrix42 Institute

Our team is currently occupied with the creation and setup of the Matrix42 Institute. We aim for an official launch of the new platform in September 2022. 

The full Matrix42 product portfolio is now on an educational platform in different languages, called the Matrix42 Institute. It groups together all learning required by Matrix42 under a single roof. It features a three role and three tier structure with clear education paths. It also offers self-service course scheduling with both on-demand and live remote courses, regularly updated content that provides a clear methodology and is technology and solution based. The target audience are not only clients and partners, but also employees and students. Matrix42 Institute courses, certifications, and learning programs are geared specifically towards three key distinct roles of Sales, Pre-Sales, and Technical. There is a high level of engagement - live interactive sections, live Q&A, quizzes and certificates at the end for those who earn them.

Young Businesswomen
Management consulting

As a result of the exposure of our team to numerous organisations and relationships we are continuously familiarising ourselves with the latest best practices among different industries, this helps us to enrich our knowledge and expertise. During each ‘Discovery Phase’ of a Project we engage with, we thoroughly analyze the organisational problems, challenges and goals,  then work closely together with the business to ensure we provide not only the best possible solution but also a clearly defined execution plan. We provide organisational change management assistance, strategy development, technology implementation, development of coaching skills and operational improvement services. Our partners and clients often engage us not only as advisors but also as an implementation provider.  

GDPR Consulting with Partner Netwrix

In our collaborative venture with Netwrix, PBCS Group is at the forefront of GDPR compliance consulting, offering unparalleled expertise and support. Our partnership is dedicated to navigating the complexities of data protection regulations, ensuring that organizations adhere to GDPR standards seamlessly. Leveraging Netwrix's cutting-edge solutions and PBCS Group's seasoned consultancy, we empower businesses to safeguard sensitive data and uphold regulatory requirements effectively.

Drawing from our extensive experience, our approach to GDPR consulting is founded on several key principles for success:

•   Thorough assessment and understanding of current and desired states.
• Establishment of a clear governance structure and communication channels.
• Adoption and adaptation of market best practices and project methodologies tailored to each client's needs.
•   Periodic review and measurement of progress.
•   Implementation of individually prescribed quality assurance frameworks for ongoing validation.
•  Close collaboration between functional and technical teams to ensure comprehensive expertise and seamless integration.


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