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Addon AssetSync42

Sofia, 7th August 2023

PBCS-Group, a leading provider of cutting-edge IT management solutions, proudly announces the launch of AssetSync42, a revolutionary integration solution that bridges the gap between Ivanti End Point Manager (EPM) and Matrix42 Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This innovative integration empowers organizations to efficiently manage assets and applications by seamlessly connecting these two industry-leading platforms.

Key Features of AssetSync42

AssetSync42 introduces a host of key features designed to streamline asset and application management processes while ensuring data accuracy and real-time updates. The solution's automated asset synchronization eliminates the need for manual data entry, minimizing errors, and maintaining consistent data across both systems. Changes made in Ivanti EPM are instantly reflected in Matrix42 ESM, offering all stakeholders access to up-to-date information about assets and applications.

Advanced Asset Discovery and Inventory

One of the standout features of AssetSync42 is its advanced asset discovery and inventory capabilities. It facilitates the seamless discovery and inventory of assets managed by Ivanti EPM, including hardware devices, software applications, and configurations. The imported information is then accurately centralized within Matrix42 CMDB, enhancing overall asset management and reporting efficiency.

Application Dependency and Troubleshooting

With AssetSync42, organizations gain unparalleled visibility into application dependencies through application dependency maps within Matrix42 CMDB. Leveraging the application data from Ivanti EPM, users can easily understand how applications interact with each other, thereby streamlining troubleshooting and change management processes.

Enriching CMDB for Informed Decision-Making

Furthermore, AssetSync42 enhances Matrix42 ESM's CMDB with detailed asset information, such as hardware specifications and software data, through Ivanti EPM's comprehensive endpoint management capabilities. This enriched CMDB ensures more informed decision-making and improves overall IT service management.

Beyond Asset Management

The integration of Ivanti EPM and Matrix42 ESM goes beyond asset management. AssetSync42 enables users to associate Ivanti-managed assets and applications with incidents and problems within Matrix42 ESM, facilitating faster root cause analysis and problem resolution. Additionally, all changes made to Ivanti EPM assets are meticulously tracked and recorded in the change management module of Matrix42 ESM, ensuring a comprehensive audit trail for compliance and regulatory purposes.

Testimonials and Acknowledgments

“We are excited to introduce AssetSync42 to the market, a game-changing integration solution that simplifies asset and application management," said Friedrich Langer, Managing Director of Professional Services of PBCS. "With AssetSync42, organizations can now seamlessly connect Ivanti EPM and Matrix42 CMDB, unlocking the full potential of both platforms and elevating their IT service management capabilities."

AssetSync42 is engineered for seamless deployment within existing Matrix42 ESM and Ivanti EPM environments, making implementation swift and hassle-free. Moreover, its scalability allows organizations of all sizes to manage growing asset and application data without compromising performance.

PBCS-Group extends its extends special thanks to the dedicated team of Kibiwave, led by Mr. Antoine AL Ibry in Lebanon, whose expertise and knowledgeable input were pivotal in ensuring the successful creation of the connector. Their contributions played a crucial role in achieving the outstanding quality of the solution within a remarkably short timeframe.

The remarkable spirit of collaboration, professionalism, and dedication demonstrated by the three teams has been instrumental in bringing forth a cutting-edge solution that addresses the critical needs of asset management and IT service delivery.

Learn More and Contact Information

To learn more about the PBCS AssetSync42 Connector developed by PBCS-Group or to request a demo, we invite interested parties to contact us at the following email address: Our team is eager to provide you with comprehensive information about the solution and demonstrate its capabilities to address your asset management needs.

Sales and Support

For tailored assistance and support, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated sales representatives in the following regions:

  • Slovenia

  • Dubai

  • South Africa

  • Oman

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

  • Turkey

Contact us today, and we will be more than happy to engage with you, answer your inquiries, and explore how the PBCS AssetSync42 Connector can make a positive impact on your business operations. We look forward to collaborating with you and delivering top-notch solutions to meet your specific requirements


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