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PBCS and Kibiwave Join Forces to Deliver Advanced ITSM Solutions in Lebanon, Middle East

Sofia, 26 July 2023

PBCS-Group, a leading technology solutions provider, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with Kibiwave, a prominent consultancy firm specializing in ITIL and IT Governance solutions in Lebanon, Middle East. This partnership aims to offer state-of-the-art Professional Services for Matrix42, combining PBCS's cutting-edge IT solutions with Kibiwave's local experience and market knowledge.

Empowering Optimized IT Processes

As businesses navigate the complexities of modern IT service management, the collaboration between PBCS and Kibiwave promises to empower organizations with optimized IT processes and improved business performance. This joint effort brings together PBCS's expertise in delivering innovative tools and addons that streamline operations with Kibiwave's proficiency in ITIL implementation and ITSM excellence, particularly in Matrix42 ITSM tools.

Key Objectives of the Cooperation:

  • Enhanced IT Service Delivery: With a focus on ITIL and IT Governance solutions, Kibiwave's seasoned professionals will assist organizations in establishing robust IT governance frameworks that align IT services with business objectives. This will ensure efficient and effective service delivery across various industries.

  • Operational Efficiency: Through expert guidance and process optimization, Kibiwave will work in tandem with PBCS to help organizations enhance their ITSM processes. This collaboration aims to streamline incident management, problem resolution, and overall IT operations for seamless efficiency.

  • Optimal Utilization of Matrix42 ITSM Tools: As specialists in Matrix42 ITSM tools, Kibiwave will provide businesses with specialized knowledge to maximize the potential of these advanced solutions. From implementation to customization and ongoing support, Kibiwave's expertise will ensure seamless integration and utilization.

Joint Enthusiasm for ITSM Excellence

"We are thrilled to partner with Kibiwave, a leading ITIL and IT Governance solutions Consulting Group in Lebanon," said Friedrich Langer, Managing Director for Professional Services at PBCS-Group. "This collaboration represents a significant step towards delivering top-tier ITSM solutions that cater to the unique needs of businesses in Lebanon and the wider Middle East region."

Kibiwave shares equal enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing their commitment to empowering organizations with ITSM excellence. "We are excited to combine our local expertise in ITIL and ITSM with PBCS's cutting-edge technology solutions," said Antoine AL Ibry, Managing Partner at Kibiwave. "Together, we look forward to elevating IT service delivery and governance practices in Lebanon and beyond."

Unlocking Operational Excellence

For businesses in Lebanon and the Middle East seeking advanced ITSM solutions, the collaboration between PBCS and Kibiwave promises to unlock new possibilities for operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

For more information about Kibiwave visit their website


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