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Efficient Ticket Distribution Made Easy with PBCS Addon for Matrix42

Sofia, 10th July 2023

PBCS-Group, a leading technology solutions provider, is pleased to announce the launch of their latest Addon for Matrix42, introducing an innovative approach to ticket distribution - the Round Robin Tool. This new Addon is designed to simplify the process of service ticket assignment, ensuring an equitable distribution of workload among agents for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Automating Ticket Distribution

The Round Robin Tool automates the ticket distribution process, creating a service recipe for round-robin dispatching. Upon ticket creation, the Addon automatically triggers the round-robin assignment, ensuring that each ticket is promptly assigned to an agent or responsible role. This automated process results in an equal distribution of incoming tickets, mitigating the burden of resolving tickets and optimizing response times.

Key Features of the PBCS Round Robin Tool:

  • Equal Ticket Distribution: The Round Robin Tool allocates incoming tickets equally among a group of agents. This even distribution ensures that no single agent is overwhelmed with a disproportionate workload.

  • Automatic Round-Robin Assignment: The Addon triggers the round-robin assignment process for every new ticket entry, ensuring a fair distribution from the outset.

  • Efficient Workload Management: While the Addon handles automatic ticket distribution, it still allows administrators and supervisors the flexibility to manually re-assign tickets when necessary.

  • Flexibility and Control: MVC, ARM, CMDB knowledge, SQL Report Builder, Hardware Installation, Software Installation, Word, Excel, Adobe, Troubleshooting/Debugging

  • Seamless Integration: The Round Robin Tool seamlessly works with various ticket entry points, including email, API, self-service portals, and manual ticket creation, offering a comprehensive solution for diverse support scenarios.

Enhancing Customer Service

“With the Round Robin Tool, we are proud to introduce an intelligent and efficient ticket distribution system” said Friedrich Langer, Managing Director of Professional Services of PBCS Group. “By automating the assignment process and focusing on equitable distribution, we aim to enhance the overall customer service experience and improve agent productivity.”

Learn More and Acknowledgments

To learn more about the PBCS Round Robin Tool or to request a demo, interested parties are encouraged to contact PBCS-Group at or reach out to our dedicated sales representatives in Slovenia, Middle East, South Africa, Oman, KSA, or Turkey.

PBCS-Group extends its gratitude to the Matrix42 Presales Team in Dubai for their valuable support during the development of the Round Robin Tool, exemplifying the spirit of collaboration and innovation.


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